Nobody can work those eyebrows like a short-faced human. Photo: Pixabay/Robin Higgins

Why Human Faces are So Odd

Our mugs are unique in many ways. Blame fire, farming, prehistoric bar fights and socializing.

The First Bar Fights

Photographs of skull reconstructions comparing chimpanzees with four hominins: (A) Pan troglodytes; (B) Austrophithecus afarensis; (C) Paranthropus boisei; (D) Homo erectus; (E) Homo sapiens (that’s you). Images are (from left to right) frontal and lateral views of the skulls, and dorsal view of the mandibles. The lateral views are aligned by the bridge of the nose (vertical line). Scale bar, 100 mm. Credit: Skulls Unlimited, via University of Utah

Survival Skills

Skulls of hominins over the last 4.4 million years, with yours at the right. Credit: Rodrigo Lacruz via University of York
Why the long face? Photo: Pixabay/skeeze

Real Lookers

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