I'm the founder and editor of Wise & Well, a new (launched in May, 2023) Medium publication with a growing team of journalists, research scientists, physicians, mental health experts and other topical experts, all of us aiming to make your tomorrow a little better than today.

And now, I'm teaching non-fiction article writing at the Writer's Guide, a Substack newsletter and mentoring/coaching service (launched in August, 2023).

More generally, I’m an independent health and science journalist with more than three decades experience reporting, writing, editing and managing newspapers and websites. I was the founding editor and later editor-in-chief of Live Science, and also editor-in-chief of Space.com, then chief content officer of a media company leading the launch and growth of several health, science and technology publications.

I’m a skeptical optimist. I believe we can all do better throughout life, and I put my trust in science while acknowledging that, like you and me, it’s never perfect, always evolving, and sometimes—oops—totally off its rocker. I sift through studies new and old to find the good, the bad and the questionable. I talk to the experts. Then I boil it all down into concise, accurate, readable takeaways that reflect both what’s known and what’s not.

Find me on Mastodon, Blue Sky, Twitter, Substack or Linkedin, or learn more at RobertRoyBritt.com.



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Editor of Aha! and Wise & Well on Medium + the Writer's Guide at writersguide.substack.com. Author of Make Sleep Your Superpower: amazon.com/dp/B0BJBYFQCB