Age Wise

But it’s never too late (nor too soon) to take these preventive steps

Image courtesy of the American Heart Association

Age Wise

Research reveals effective methods that get beyond one-off tips

Photo: Simon Rae/Unsplash

Drinking is much deadlier than we wish to admit, and the problems start way too early in life

Photo: Petr Sidorov/Unsplash

New research confirms lower risk of heart disease and death for coffee drinkers

Image: Pixabay/Myriams-Fotos

Satellite image of Hurricane Ida. Image: NOAA

Warm water fuels ferocious winds that pile up a storm surge

Image courtesy National Sun Yat-sen University in Taiwan

Coronavirus research leads to a striking new consensus on disease spread

Perhaps there’s a reason we’re so enamored by sunsets. Image: Pixabay/AdinaVoicu

New research suggests a simple, delightful way to increase romantic passion

Age Wise

Your mental health depends on knowing how to ease up

Photo: Carl Heyerdahl/Unsplash

Photo: Gabe Pierce/Unsplash

You hate it. I hate it. So here are the keys to getting fit anyway.

Age Wise

Having someone to talk to can boost brain power and help stall dementia

Image: Unsplash/Christina

Robert Roy Britt

Independent health and science journalist, former editor-in-chief of LiveScience, writing about how we age and how to optimize your mind and body through time.

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